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Social Projection Unit

Social Projection Unit

Nature of Social Projection Universidad Santo Tomas Sectional Tunja

Opening and offering of services and academic contribution to the different social sectors, as a product of the diverse professional and human competences of the Tomasina community. Teaching and research should be the input for social projection. Santo Tomas University does not form to isolate, but for active integration in collective life.

What does the Social Projection mean for the USTA?

Comprehensive training of students with human values ​​and sensitivity to social problems, linkage of the different socio-economic and environmental problems within the study plans.

Thus, the USTA, inspired by the Christian humanist thinking of Santo Tomás, promotes the integral formation of the human being by articulating its substantive functions as a University in teaching, research and social projection, the latter being the final intention of the first two .


The Essence of Social Projection at Santo Tomas University, Tunja section

We are offering services and academic support to different social sectors, contributing to the professional and human development of Santo Tomas community. Teaching and research processes should be the main tools to develop a strong community engagement. Santo Tomas University is avoiding isolation and looking to integrate its activities into a wider collective context.

What does Social Projection mean to Santo Tomas University?

Social projection is the process by which the University's activities (teaching, research, internships, cultural activities, consulting, etc.) are transferred to positive on society. It is the integral formation of our students with human values ​​and sensibility towards social issues. Moreover, it is the integration of the social, economic and environmental issues into the faculties' courses planning.

This is how Saint Thomas University, inspired by the Christian philosophy of Saint Thomas, is promoting the complete human development by the use of teaching, research and social projection, the latter being the final intent of the first two.

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