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Department of Audit



When a student is going to finance the tuition in fees and must comply with all the requirements stipulated in the form "Application for approval of terms for financing tuition," which is purchased in admissions, whose cost is $ 15.000.

Payment receipts

Students who have credit with the University and with the ICETEX cancel the balances owed to the date for registration concepts with said document.


When the student brings a management check in the name of Santo Tomás University and this is authorized to be canceled at the bank, as well as the rights for other concepts owed to the University. Ex: Fines library, laboratories, welfare, physical plant.

Unlocking Students

When the student has debts only for enrollment. If you have debt in another unit must be unlocked by it. Ex: Debt in Library, unlock library.

Credit and Debit Card

When the student or parent wants to pay their registration with any credit card Ex: MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express, Banco Popular educational credit card. Or with a debit card from any bank. Only the holder of the corresponding card with his identity document is accepted.

ICETEX Credit Renewal

When the student wishes to renew the credit with ICETEX, he must attach the following requirements:

1 Purchase and fill out the credit form in the Admissions Department.
2 Original and copy of the Receipt of the Registration (Polygraph).
3 Original of the Report of Notes.
4 Original of the renewal signed by the student, (This must be printed from the Icetex page, once data is updated).


The certificates that are issued in the Department of Audit are only of a financial nature (for registration fees).
The academic certificates (averages, completion of subjects, good conduct, historical notes, notes for academic period, certificate of studies and certificate that studied), are issued in the Department of Registration and Control.


They are economic grants offered by the University through agreements and special cases according to the "Scholarships, Educational Aid and Discounts Regulations" (This document can be found on our website, in the Institutional Documents menu).

Delivery of checks

They are the payments that are delivered to suppliers for purchases of goods or services and to students for refunds of money for higher consigned values ​​(Severance, ICETEX). For purposes of its return, it is rotated only in the name of the parents, upon presentation of the written request with a photocopy of the student's ID and parents.

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