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Tomasinos Teachers Participate in Workshops on Justice, Peace and Reconciliation at the University of Gӧttingen

November 26 2017

Tomasinos teachers participated in the workshop "Peace territoriality and property - a critical look at the Havana Accords", which was held at the University of Gӧttingen from 10 to 14 in October of this year, where the Universidad Santo Tomas with accreditation High quality multicampus was represented by specialized teachers in the field of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation.

In the same event the University of Gӧttingen, the University of Konstanz, the National University of Colombia, the University of La Salle, and the Santo Tomas University were present, with presentations related to the theme of Territorial Peace and property, all in conjunction thanks to the projects achieved by these Educational Institutions and the Colombo-German Institute for Peace CAPAZ.

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The University of Santo Tomas sectional Tunja, is present with the Master in Fundamental Rights and Human Rights, through its Director Sandra Liliana Avellaneda Hernandez, who presented his paper: "Rights of victims in peace processes; a look from the legality and reality in Colombia ", through which reference is made to the importance of knowing the national and international regulations, about the victims and the reality that they are going through in the armed conflict in our region and country, referring in the same way to the importance of the priority of the educational process of society, as a fundamental weapon against war, and also emphasizing the processes of forgiveness of victims to their victimizers, while respecting the human dignity of the whole society, to achieve the stable and lasting peace that we long for.

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The Santo Tomas University was represented by the teachers Sonia Patricia Cortes Zambrano and Lucy García Herrera of the Villavicencio Sectional; Ricardo Duran Vinazco, Mauricio Torres Guarnizo and Mariela Sánchez Cardona of the Bogota Sectional, Leonardo Zher Sandoval of the Bucaramanga Sectional and Sandra Liliana Avellaneda Hernández of the Tunja Sectional.

The Master's Degree in Fundamental Rights and Human Rights supports the work of the Regional Commission of Conciliation of Boyacá, and Boyapaz, with the purpose of generating proactive thinking in front of our next generations, teaching our children that Peace begins at home, and that respect is the basis of the development of societies, all this to achieve the construction of a better and new social fabric.

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