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University Santo Tomas Sectional Tunja

USTA Tunja presentation

The Santo Tomás University is a Catholic Institution of Higher Education of a private nature, non-profit and of national order. It is present in five cities of the country with headquarters and sectional offices in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellín, Tunja and Villavicencio in the classroom modality and 23 University Care Centers CAU in Open and Distance modality.

Institutional Mission

The Mission of the University Santo Tomás, inspired by the Christian humanist thought of Santo Tomás de Aquino, consists of promoting the integral formation of the people, in the field of the superior education, by means of actions and processes of teaching-learning, investigation and projection social, so that they respond in an ethical, creative and critical way to the demands of human life, and so that they are in a position to provide solutions to the problems and needs of society and the country.

Institutional Vision

At 2027, the University of Santo Tomás de Colombia is an international benchmark of excellent multicampus educational quality, for the effective and systemic articulation of its substantive functions, and is a catalyst for human promotion and responsible social transformation in a sustainable environment of justice and peace. , in pursuit of the common good.

Historical review

ResenaThe University Santo Tomás, First University Senate of Colombia, was founded by the Order of Preachers (OP) the 13 of June of 1580.

In the 1608, the Santo Tomás School was founded and later merged with the General Studies University. The College-University Santo Tomás was born that later would be called University Tomística.

For almost three centuries this University was an inexhaustible source of thought and culture that formed many generations of New Granada. Among the outstanding graduates are the names of Andrés Rosillo (with studies in Philosophy, Theology and Canons), Camilo Torres, author of the famous "Memorial de Agravios", Francisco José de Caldas (graduated in Cánones), Francisco de Paula Santander (in Philosophy and Law) and Atanasio Girardot (in Canons).

The 7 March day of 1965 was restored in Santafé de Bogotá by the Province of San Luis BERTRÁN of Colombia, of the Order of Preachers, with the name of Santo Tomás University of Colombia, with legal status through Resolution No. 3645 of the 6 of August of 1965.

With the aim of expanding the institutional mission of training ethical and creative professionals, Santo Tomás University created, in 1973, the Sectional of Bucaramanga, which has a high recognition in the northeastern region of the country. In 1975 the University Santo Tomás was one of the pioneers in offering programs with the modality of distance education, with which a high number of professionals of different regions of the country have been trained, then the 3 of March was established in the capital of Boyacá. of 1996, given that in Boyacá the Dominican community has maintained a brilliant educational and cultural tradition; the following year it was established in Medellín and in the year 2007 began the offer of face-to-face programs in Villavicencio.

At present, the Tunja branch has established itself as one of the best universities in the region and offers ten professional programs, eleven specializations, eight master's degrees and one doctorate. In the year of 1997, the Santo Tomás University was established in Medellín. The University nowadays offers technologies, professional programs, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the presence and distance mode, in 31 cities of the country.



The shield: is formed by the cross of Calatrava in black and white, in the center sixteen circular golden rays, symbol of the sun of Aquino, on a blue circular background and the motto Facientes Veritatem, makers of the truth, in a red band.


Flag: It is composed of five horizontal stripes, three green and two white interspersed, and the shield of the University in the central part.


The stamp: was elaborated to affirm the pontifical origin of the institution with the foundational bull "Romanux Pontifex" of 1580, authentic mandate of Pope Gregory XIII and is used in certificates and diplomas issued by the University.

Anthem of the University

Letter: Fray Marco Antonio PEÑA SALINAS, OP
Music: Marietta Sáchica Forero
Orchestral arrangement: César Iván Ávila Baquero


Glorious cloister,
your children cheer you up,
beacon of science, of faith and truth;
bright sun of bright flame,
preclara cradle of freedom.


Thomas, the Sun of Aquinas,
teacher on your way,
regular seeker
about your upright gait,
of the witness truth,
innovative sapient.


Alma mater manager
of the truth, aurora
and temple of knowledge;
craftsman's crucible
that forges human dream
of freedom and faith.


Triumphant beam of stars,
the preacher children
of good, justice and peace;
garlands of laurels
they radiate at their temples
glare of eternity.


With the truth for guidance,
noble ideal conquest
the youthful age;
incandescent flash,
glowing star
of the University.


Dreamy donceles,
vibrant and vigilant,
dreaming an ideal;
ascend every day,
looking for harmony
of the triumphal march.


They go beyond the boundaries
of ephemeral stars,
in the struggle to learn;
the forehead lift and look
the source do inspire
science and knowledge.


Virtue and faith we live,
we serve the motherland
with fire of love.
We are proud race,
cheerful and generous
that fight with honor.


Distinguished people
they build destinations
of a new dawn.
By fields and cities,
which will of wills,
they spread knowledge.

Tunja Sectional Directors


Jorge Ferdinando RuizFray Jorge Ferdinando RODRÍGUEZ RUIZ, OP, born in the surroundings of Chiquinquirá, he assumed in the last hours as Rector of the Santo Tomas University Tunja Section, in solemn ceremony that was fulfilled in Bogota and was presided over by the Rector General, Fr. Juan Ubaldo LÓPEZ SALAMANCA, OP; and the Prior of the Dominicans in Colombia, Fr. Said LEÓN AMAYA, OP

By Decree of the 86 Founders Council No. 27 of June of 2017, Father Ferdinando was appointed to the new position for a period of three years.

The Rector of the Tunja Sectional is a candidate for a Doctor of Education from the Santo Tomás University, a Master in Human Rights and Education from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; and specialist in Management of Educational Institutions of the Autonomous University of the West, in University Teaching of the University Santo Tomás and in Educational Planning of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, he did studies of Degree in Theology and in Philosophy and History in the Santo Tomás University.

He entered the Order of Preachers at a young age, where he has held multiple managerial and academic positions in the Colleges and the University run by the Colombian Dominicans. He is currently the Justice and Peace promoter of the Order, for Latin America and the Caribbean.

In the First University Senate of Colombia he has been a research professor in Villavicencio, Tunja, and in the University Care Center (CAU) of Cali; founder of the headquarters of the University in the department of Meta; He directed the Faculties of Law, Public Accounting, International Business and Business Administration at the Villavicencio Headquarters; and has been Academic Vice-Rector in the Tunja Sectional, General Director of the Library Department and Dean of the Social Sciences Division of the Main Headquarters of Bogotá.

Since the year 2000 has contributed to the creation of different journalistic and popular media in Dominican institutions such as the magazines 'Optantes', 'Sol de Aquino', 'Temas', 'Cuadernos de Sociología', 'Miradas'; the newspapers 'Tomasinos en Acción', 'El Lacorderiano', 'Veritas', 'El Llanero', among others; and has made presentations, articles and introductions for the newspaper 'El Catolicismo' and for various books published by the Universidad Santo Tomás and higher education centers.


The Sectional Rector, in his headquarters, is the executive authority in the academic, administrative and financial fields, and delegate of the General Rector in his Sectional, in matters that concern the legal representation. (Organic Statute)

The Sectional Rector is appointed by the Council of Founders for a period of three years and may be appointed consecutively only for another equal term.

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