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Admissions and Marketing Department

Undergraduate Registration Process

USTA Tunja 1 instructions

Step by Step

Online diligence Pre-registration with your personal data, remember that your type of registration should be as "Normal"; save the information and take note of your form number.

Sign Here

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USTA Tunja 2 instructions

Step by Step

Download and print your payment receipt corresponding to the registration fees.

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You will receive the registration fee receipt for the value of $ 125.000 for Undergraduate programs, which you must cancel in the popular Bank. You can also perform the Pay on line Here

Once the payment is made (24 hours later) continue with the '3 Step - Registration' with the identification number. Complete all the basic data requested in each of the fields.

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USTA Tunja 3 instructions

Step by Step

Deliver the required documents in the Admissions and Marketing Department Campus Historical Center: Cll. 19 Nº 11 - 64 Tunja - Boyacá, or send them to emails This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. y This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Registration requirements:

Undergraduate Registration Form completed.

Photocopy of the identity document extended to 150%.

Result of the 11 Know Status test.

Photocopy of: diploma or certificate of degree (for students of last degree of baccalaureate, proof of study).

Original certificates or notes of 10º and 11º grade.

Photocopy of EPS card or medical insurance (Law 100 / 93)

Receipt of payment of registration fees.

Two (2) recent photos, 3x4 in color and white background.

Authorization form for verification and processing of personal data (Students who are minors must attach to the other requirements photocopy of the certificate of the guardian).

If any of the previous documents does not have it available at the moment of filing your documents, you must fill in the following Letter of engagement. (deadlines will be defined by the Admissions and Marketing Office)

USTA Tunja 4 instructions

Step by Step

After filing the documents, the Admissions and Marketing Department you will schedule an interview and communicate by phone or e-Mail to confirm day, time and place of it.

If your documents are not complete, the Admission Interview will not be scheduled.

If you are admitted and can not complete your registration process, you can reserve your quota, (valid for 1 year or two continuous semesters) by completing the following Form

On the day of the interview, the English placement test will be conducted. (It's not an elimination test, it's location in the language)

Undergraduate Registration Process

USTA Tunja 5 instructions

Step by Step

The result of admission will be delivered on the day of the interview.

USTA Tunja 6 instructions

Step by Step

Print your tuition payment receipt, entering Here and then click on Tuition Payment Receipt.

You can cancel the tuition payment receipt in the Assigned Bank (At the bottom of your receipt) or perform the Pay on line Here

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USTA Tunja 7 instructions

Step by Step

Once you make the payment, take a copy of the receipt to the Admissions and Marketing Department to sign a contract and finalize your registration process.

Remember to take the pending documents to sign the enrollment contract

USTA Tunja 8 instructions

Step by Step

Once you have delivered all the requested requirements, you must go to the Communications Department and request your Student Card, there you will be informed on what date the induction process will take place.

incripcion usta 5


1. For eleventh grade students, a proof of study issued by the school must be attached, and at the time of enrollment, photocopies of the diploma and the grade certificate must be attached.

2. Once the documentation is filed in the Admissions Department, the applicant will be notified of the date, time and place for the interview.

3. When the registration fees are consigned, but the admission requirements are not met, the applicant accepts that the University is not obliged to receive the documentation or to return the money.

4. Santo Tomás University reserves the right to postpone or cancel the initiation of the undergraduate program when the minimum quota established by the Institution is not completed.

5. No money will be refunded for registration fees, except in the case of undergraduate programs registration fees will be refunded only when the University has decided not to offer the program in a certain academic period.


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