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Internal audit

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Advise, accompany and evaluate in an independent and coordinated manner the Internal Control, in the mission, strategic and support processes, verifying that each of the activities are developed according to the Institutional policies, the applicable regulations and under the parameters of efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness, contributing to the orientation of common efforts towards the achievement of total quality in the management of university administration and having as a basic instrument, the promotion of a culture of self-control and the strengthening of continuous improvement.


In the year 2027 be the leading department in the strengthening of Institutional Internal Control, contributing to foster the culture of self-control, recognized by the constant support to the university direction, towards the continuous improvement that allows to maximize the management in the administrative, financial processes, Technological and academic towards the prevention of risk.


Internal Audit as a function must be given within the guidelines of an automated, standardized process that strengthens the Internal Control System and is directly aligned with the Internal Auditing Standards, the General Development Plan and is executed within the culture of self-control and continuous improvement of the Santo Tomás University.

The Office of Internal Audit is framed as a cross-sectional process in which compliance monitoring and application of University policies are carried out, which are issued by the Institution regulating its internal control


1 Plan, direct, organize and evaluate the progress and development of the system of the internal control system of the University, to advise the administration in the achievement of goals and mission objectives, in compliance with the provisions and regulations.

2 Verify that the internal control system is formally established within the organization and that its exercise is intrinsic to the development of the functions of all positions, and in particular, those who have command responsibility.

3 Verify that all controls associated with each and every one of the University's activities are adequately defined, appropriate and improved, according to the evolution of the institution.

4 Ensure compliance with the rules, policies, procedures, plans, programs, projects and goals of the organization and recommend the necessary adjustments.

5 Serve as support for managers in the decision-making process, in order to obtain expected results.

6 Verify that the respective recommended measures are implemented through the improvement plans.

Professional Ethics Principles (43 Law of 1990)






Observations of the normative dispositions.

Competence and professional update.

Diffusion and collaboration

Respect among colleagues.

Ethical conduct


The scope of the functional tasks of the Internal Audit Office at the University Santo Tomás Sectional Tunja, is to specify if the processes developed in the institution are adequately formulated and monitor compliance with policies, guidelines, regulations and internal and external regulations applicable in the institution.

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