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Start of classes, addition of subjects and other provisions

The start of classes is the 4 day of February of 2019. Do not forget that teachers will allow entry to the classroom only to students who are registered in definitive attendance lists; otherwise, they should approach the Office of Registration and Control to be informed of their academic-administrative situation. Remember that if you obtain credit with other entities or pay tuition by means of a receipt different from the receipt of registration (polygraph) you must take the respective support to the office of the Receivership at the time of disbursement and / or before the date established for the beginning of classes.

The additions of subjects, will be made only from the 04 to the 15 of February of 2019 in the Registry and Control office, with the approval of the corresponding Division Secretary, ordinary payment date the 22 of February and extraordinary payment with the 10% surcharge on the 26 of February of 2019.

Semester and subject cancellations that warrant a refund of money must be duly approved in the first instance by the Division Secretariat, which will be carried out until the day February 15 2019. Subsequently, the student must make the request for a refund of money in the Sindicatura department, taking into account the Art. 28 Undergraduate Student Regulations.

From the day 15 of February 2019 Only those students who have formalized their enrollment contract for the first academic term of the 2019 will be able to receive the academic services provided by the University. People who have not completed their process to date in mention may enter as visitors, in order to legalize the link with the University.

El 9 day of February of 2019 the polygraphs that have been issued for registration of the 2019-1 and that until that date do not have the payment duly registered will be eliminated. In the event that the polygraph is withdrawn, in order to generate it again, it is essential to collect the administrative reprocess that will be included in the polygraph, which must be requested only and exclusively in the Administrative-Financial Vice-rectory, during the hours of the public's attention, way it is settled with payment of Extraordinary Tuition and interest generated at the time of its issuance.

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