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After Regional Academic Cooperation, the Volunteers Network: Ingenio, Ciencia y Tecnología de Boyacá was Consolidated

December 03 2017

As a project of articulation and cooperation of Higher Education Institutions such as the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia - UPTC, the Juan de Castellanos University Foundation and the Santo Tomás University, the "Ingenio, Science and Technology Volunteers Network" was cataloged. which was consolidated in days past in the facilities of the Tomasino University Cloister Center Headquarters in Tunja.

A bet that from the academy seeks to strengthen the networks of science and research present in the region, of course hand in hand with new technologies to make way for those innovative projects that will be analyzed later and if this is the case presented to the Latin American networks of research as it is the National Academic Network of Advanced Technology RENATA, who through its delegate Dr. Fernando Ospina celebrated the articulation and formulation of this network that seeks to impact on the education of Boyacá.

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In an alternate way, the manager of the Johana Amaya Department, expressed her full support to this project, because as a university teacher, she understands the need to strengthen ties to make projects visible and scale them up with research and technology organizations at the national and global levels.

Father Javier Castellanos, Academic Vice-Rector of the University of Santo Tomás, Tunja Sectional, as leader of the teaching team of the Department of Basic Sciences, also applauded this initiative, which since the year 2016 has been brewing.

In this way, and intertwined with the most important universities in the region, Santo Tomás University seeks to continue impacting the country, this time through the promotion of technology, science and research.

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