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In Boyacá the universities were recognized in the latest ranking U-Sapiens 2017-2

December 06 2017

The latest data provided by Sapiens Research Group in the second version of the U-Sapiens 2017 ranking, mentions the good work that the regional HEIs have had where Boyacá obtained an 22.47 score, along with those of Antioquia (22.94) and those of Bolívar (22.33).

Particularly, it is noteworthy in the U-Sapiens report that the Santo Tomás University, Tunja Sectional, managed to retain its position in the ranking, which allowed it to be in the group of 102 classified IES, of 352 with which it was made the study.

Additionally, good news is delivered for education in the country and it is the fact that the ranking has been joined by 85 Higher Education Institutions.

In this latest version Sapiens Research Group between August and September of the second half of the year, contextualized the end of the data obtained taking into account the variables of total indexed journals in the IBN, total of masters or active doctorates and registered in the U ranking -Sapiens 2017, and research groups categorized by Colciencias.

Scores and Totals by Department with more IES

Department #IES Points Average
Antioquia 15 344.05 22.47
Boyacá 2 44.93 22.33
Valle del Cauca 8 151.26 18.91
Atlantic 6 111.8 18.63
Bogota 36 628.93 17.47
Caldas 4 65.42 16.36
Santander 7 90.78 12.97
Risaralda 4 43.53 10.88
Nariño 2 21.24 10.62
Quindío 2 16.29 8.15
Norte de Santander 3 22.35 7.45
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