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Faculty of Electronic Engineering, generates a device to facilitate the mobility of blind people in the capital of the department of Boyacá

March 12 2018

As part of the observation process to start a research project, one day the Electronic Engineer Cristian Vargas, who for the 2015 year was still a student at Santo Tomás University, undertook the task of observing in detail how the blind settled in Tunja were mobilized in the city.

It was there that the idea was born of initially generating a research project that would later lead to the construction of a device that would facilitate the mobility of these people. The initiative was linked to the engineer Laura Tejada research professor, who from the perspective of the social projection, saw it as an opportunity for the Faculty to impact positively on these people who to date do not have any tool or help to move from one point to another in the city.

Engineer Pablo summit hands for Colombia

Progressively and as in any investigative process, interviews, information gathering and statistical data collection were carried out to account for how many initially visually impaired people lived in Tunja; Meeting with the pleasant surprise that this device could impact more people than initially thought. How? To trav
It is of options, not only of speech and listening to the device but of braille writing and digitalization so that it takes the necessary commands and commands.

Well, the impact and progress of this project has been such that electronic tools are currently being imported from Germany to finalize the prototype that will be later tested in the city.

Engineer Pablo summit hands for Colombia 3

Recently, the initiative was exposed at the "Hands for Colombia" Summit, which was held at the Dr. Angelico Building of the Santo Tomás University in Bogotá in association with this institution and the Semana Magazine, there Engineer Pablo Andrés Álvarez of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering informed the attendees how, from the Section of Tunja seeks to impact the most vulnerable communities and populations in the city, as part of our social projection and the commitment of the academy to contribute to social development and construction country.

Undoubtedly, this was the scenario to strengthen our commitment to the region, in the contribution of solutions from the academy allow, this time provide a tool for people with disabilities to have quality of life within a city like Tunja

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