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Directors of the University Santo Tomás and Delegates of Africa in the Sectional of Tunja

Santja de Tunja supports University of Africa

March 22 2018

Last Tuesday 20 of March the University Santo Tomás Sectional of Tunja, received the delegation from West Africa integrated by Yombi Ouedraogo - Counselor of the United Nations, Fray Benjamin SOMBEL SARR OP - Prior Provincial of St. Augustine in West Africa, at the Mrs. Mariette Miningou - Director of Higher Education Teaching in Burkina Faso, Ms. Virgine Affoue Konandri - Professor, Noel Ouedraogo - Professor of French and Fray Cirille Ayayi KPONYO-HILLAH OP who are part of the team in charge of the consolidation of a university project in the municipality of Doulougou, state of Burkina Faso in West Africa.

The approach with Santo Tomás University in Colombia is given to seek support and advice in administrative and academic matters for the consolidation of a university that the Dominican friars settled in Africa seek to build and which is expected to open at the end of the year 2018

The project was born as a special request that the national government of Burkina Faso presented to the Dominican friars in Europe to build and open a Catholic university, which would provide the opportunity for quality education to young people in the African state and in a special to the residents of the municipality of Doulougou in order to avoid their migration to European countries.

Delegation of Africa USTA Tunja 4

Meeting of Delegates of Africa and DIrectivos of the USTA Tunja

After a meeting of the Chapter of the Dominican Friars in Europe and to think about what university could become a reference for this project, it was determined that the University of Santo Tomás in Colombia was the one to guide the University in a successful way. of Santo Domingo of West Africa: an institution that seeks, in the way that Santo Tomás University has done in the country; To be a reference of high quality education with national presence and international projection for the articulation of its processes.

As part of the support that Santo Tomás will grant to this project, it is counted on to advise on the construction of curricular documents, to guide the processes of formation of specific faculties such as Architecture, for which, the Tunja Section will soon delegate teachers who will travel to the African country to have a cultural and academic exchange.

Delegation of Africa USTA Tunja a Faculty of Architecture received African delegates to expose and advise around this Faculty

Another of the models that the visiting delegation could get to know about the USTA in Colombia, and they said they applied to the University of Santo Domingo in West Africa, is that of the Social Projection and how, through the academy, the population that converges around the Sections and Sectionals of the Santo Tomás in Colombia is benefited with the relevant research and impact, the training of children, youth and adults in specific areas with short and free courses and the accompaniment days from the legal and business offices.

Delegation of Africa USTA Tunja u

Fray Samuel Elías FORERO BUITRAGO OP, accompanies African delegates tour to installations of the USTA Tunja and Chapel Santo Domingo de Guzmán

With this partnership of cooperation, Santo Tomás University continues its efforts to be a benchmark of quality and good practices for other educational institutions, as well as for different communities in the world, articulating both academic and administrative processes, which, as in this occasion, allow development from the dedicated work of training of integral, capable and humanistic professionals.

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