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Physical Culture, Sports and Recreation, a new Professional Program for the Tunja Sectional, with an international outlook

April 16 2018

Within the challenges that Santo Tomás University has proposed as part of its Integral Multicampus Plan, it is to position its academic actions in accordance with the international challenges facing current times in the field of education; as it was raised, today the Sectional Tunja is pleased to present to the department and the region the New Professional Program of Physical Culture, Sports and Recreation, under Resolution No. 4005 12 March of 2018 granted by the Ministry of Education National.

The professional program, which is already offered at the Headquarters and Sectional Bucaramanga opens its doors in the Tunja Sectional to give the opportunity to those sports lovers looking for an alternative to train professionally as coaches of any sports discipline , as sports administrators and in general as managers of sport and physical culture. Today, in order to start the program with the right foot, we have received the visit of the Unit of Performance, Training and Research of Sports of the Université Franche-Comté (UFC) of France, which through its delegate Dr. Ph.D Fabienne MOUGIN-GUILLAUME and Annick ROUSSEAUX Administrative Officer in charge of International Relations held a conversation with Father Javier Antonio Castellanos OP Academic Vice-Rector of the Tunja Section and administrative collaborators in order to establish academic and cultural cooperation agreements with the French university .

With this approach we begin to glimpse the academic possibilities that the new program can offer its students, as a guarantee of its international vision of high quality.

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