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Students were measured in the II Intercollegiate Mathematical Olympiad and the VI Saber and Win Competition of the Santo Tomás University

May 11 2018

The Department of Basic Sciences in coordination with the Academic Vice-Rector of the Santo Tomás University, with the aim of promoting participation spaces for students of the 10º and 11º degrees of some of the public and private educational institutions of the department of Boyacá, developed the last 03 of May the II Intercollegiate Mathematical Olympiad, in which it was counted with the participation of some schools of Tunja like the Andean, the Angels, the Salesiano Maldonado, the Rosario, the College of Boyacá and the Presentation, in addition with the Carlos Alberto Olano School of the municipality of Belén and the Technical Industrial Educational Institution of Tibasosa.

The meeting sought, the active participation of students through the measurement of their skills in the specific area of ​​mathematics.

The winning students were Diego Alejandro Rubiano of the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Tunja School and Lizeth Tatiana González Vargas of the Los Angeles College of Tunja.

Alternately, the Department of Basic Sciences, in order to encourage the Tomasino student to generate knowledge through extracurricular learning, put to the test the knowledge and skills of the students of the Faculties of Engineering and Administrative Sciences with tests in the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Chemistry and Biology, within the framework of the VI Knowledge and Win Contest.

The winners of this Contest will have the opportunity to travel to Villavicencio to represent the Tunja Sectional in the National Basic Sciences Olympics that will be held next 17 in May of 2018 at the Headquarters of Santo Tomás University located in this city.

They are: David Alejandro Ávila, Luz Adriana Aponte, Iván Durán, Sebastián Avendaño, Andrés Briceño and Oscar Días of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Iván Darío Porras, Dubán Martínez and Jorge Chaparro of Electronic Engineering, Diego Felipe García and Francisco Javier Díaz de Environmental Engineering, Christopher Pérez of Systems Engineering and Jennifer Cruz of Mechanical Engineering. And for the Faculty of International Business, the winners were Nathali Salcedo, Jhoan Sebastián Estupiñán and Tatiana Páez Ramírez.

For them a deep and sincere congratulations and all the encouragement to leave up the name of our Sectional in the competition that is coming.

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