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Internal audit

Internal Audit at the University Santo Tomás Tunja

The Internal Audit function is identified in the Santo Tomás University, from the Manual of Functions within the control processes, which are directed to verify the functioning of the academic, administrative and financial dispositions of the University; the reference of its creation is found in the 22 Resolution 25 of July of 1966.

Later in the year 2000, the Rector General of that time, sees the need to establish a work team that guides and evaluates the preparation of academic payrolls at the Headquarters; This is how, through the 46 Rector's Resolution No. 7 of July of 2000, the Audit Committee is created.

In the year 2011 the General Academic Vice Rector asked the Superior Council for the definitive creation of the Committee, for which the 38 Agreement of 25 August / 2011 was issued, which approved its operation for one year.

In the 2013 year, the General Academic Vice Chancellor presents the results of the work carried out and justifies its creation in a definitive way, this is how it is concretized through the 23 Agreement of the 4 Superior Council of December / 2012.

In the Bucaramanga Sectional the function is implemented from the 24 of September of 2007, with the support of the Main Headquarters; while in the Tunja Sectional it starts at the end of 2010.

In the Tunja Sectional, Internal Audit tasks are implemented at the end of the 2010 year with the support of the Headquarters, these tasks are performed by the budget professional.

Through Resolution No. 22 of the 26 of October of 2015, the Internal Audit Office is implemented in the University Santo Tomás Seccional Tunja.

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