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center of evangelization and culture

Directorate of Evangelization and Culture

The Pastoral is the set of concrete actions aimed at making an evangelization that brings the Good News to the university community. That is, it allows us to reflect on and carry out the Gospel message taking into account the demands of the current context. The pastoral of Santo Tomás University, aims to reach students, teachers, administrators, researchers, all managers, general services, administrative, graduates and families.

For this reason we seek to be formators in the true life that is Christ, to be LIGHT (to be Neon) and to be SAL (Lifeguard), in our closest contexts as expressed by Pope Francis: "A free heart is a luminous heart that enlighten others ... "

That is why we want our University Pastoral to be open, reflective and participatory but also proactive and committed so that it will lead the entire Tomasina community to a real commitment to the Gospel, Life and Society.

Taking into account the above, the University Pastoral develops activities and projects that allow to demonstrate and promote the participation of the entire Tomasina Community:

Formation Pastoral Agents


It is a space that allows us to share the day to day and accompany life projects to strengthen the integral formation, through the elaboration of guides that have a theological, biblical, human, ethical and social background. This activity is carried out on Tuesdays (afternoon) and on Thursday (morning), at different times and in the different venues of the university, it is intended in these meetings is to train and raise awareness among our students so that through their academic program Humanize your context and act Christianly.

Social Action Activities


These spaces are generated so that the different members of the community can put into practice what they have learned in the formations, be in contact with the different realities of their closest context, donating their lives to others and participating with some frequency in the Barrio Altamira , Merienda al Parque, Fundación Alejandra Vive (children with cancer foundation), Hogar Madre Elisa, Miracle of Love Foundation and San José Asylum.

Tomasinos Encounters


This activity is carried out with administrators, students and graduates, its purpose is to make known the mission of the Pastoral in the University, to strengthen ties to strengthen the work and academic environment, in a different space that allowed reflection and analysis of the own life in context since the announcement of the Good News.

Active participation with the different decanatures in spaces that allow accompanying and guiding teachers and administrative staff of each division and processes of continuous training and in their action as professionals, inside and outside the Santo Tomás University.



We accompany the maturation process in the faith preparing the different members of the Tomasina Community for the celebration of the different Sacraments. We are aware that no one is born holy, holiness is achieved with great effort and with the help of God's grace. All, without exclusion, we are called to reproduce the life of Jesus Christ.



Parents are part of our Pastoral project, the purpose is to live experiences that help knowledge, integration, training and strengthening in the joint task for the comprehensive education of our Tomasinos students.

Mission of Holy Week and Christmas


They are spaces to share with people from other places the greatness of the revelation and to be able to witness to JOY and MERCY in the strong liturgical times of our faith.

In each of our activities we have a significant and active participation of the different members of the Pastoral (Tomasinos and Exchange Students) and of the Department of University Welfare, together, working as a team and committed to our integral formation we make visible the process of Pastoral, this makes that we experience our transcendental dimension, let us live the Dominican ideals of Study, Prayer, Community and Preaching in a real commitment and in total identification with the mission and vision of the Universidad Santo Tomás in a real and concrete work in our region.

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