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Postgraduate Programs

Postgraduate programs in person Tunja, Boyacá. The value of the investment corresponds to the period 2019-1

Division of Administrative and Accounting Sciences

Specialization in Health Auditing SNIES: 54634 | Investment per semester: $ 7'714.000

Specialization in Management of Social Security Institutions in Health SNIES: 54613 | Investment per semester: $ 7'417.000

Specialization in Government and Territorial ManagementSNIES: 104683 | Investment per semester: $ 6'924.000

Specialization in Innovation and Marketing NEW Program!SNIES: 107186 | Investment per semester: $ 5'200.000

Master's Degree in Social Protection ManagementSNIES: 105677 | Investment per semester: $ 7'144.000

Division of Legal and Political Sciences

Specialization in Criminal Law and Criminal ProcedureSNIES: 53769 | Investment per semester: $ 6'926.000

Specialization in Administrative LawSNIES: 53770 | Investment per semester: $ 6'926.000

Specialization in State ContractingSNIES: 53624 | Investment per semester: $ 6'926.000

Specialization in Legal and Forensic PsychologySNIES: 91361 | Investment per semester: $ 6'926.000

Master of Administrative LawSNIES: 101488 | Investment per semester: $ 8'087.000

Master's Degree in Criminal Law and Criminal ProcedureSNIES: 90943 | Investment per semester: $ 8'064.000

Master of Private LawSNIES: 103169 | Investment per semester: $ 8'232.000

Master's Degree in Fundamental Rights and Human RightsSNIES: 103106 | Investment per semester: $ 7'319.000

Doctorate in Public LawSNIES: 104080 | Investment per semester: $ 12'040.000

Engineering and Architecture Division

Specialization in Administration and Management of Quality SystemsSNIES: 103221 | Investment per semester: $ 7'087.000

Specialization in Construction Project ManagementSNIES: 105365 | Investment per semester: $ 7'375.000

Specialization in Road and Pavement GeotechnicsSNIES: 20809 | Investment per semester: $ 7'375.000

Specialization in StructuresSNIES: 104977 | Investment per semester: $ 7'375.000

Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with Emphasis in HydroenvironmentalSNIES: 102414 | Investment per semester: $ 8'251.000

Master of EngineeringSNIES: 106216 | Investment per semester: $ 7'500.000

Master's Degree in Heritage Management for Territorial DevelopmentSNIES: 103021 | Investment per semester: $ 6'549.000

Enrique Lacordaire Study Center

Master's Degree in PedagogySNIES: 91362 | Investment per semester: $ 6'514.000

Rates for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs - 2019 (OLD STUDENTSYou can review them HERE P. (8)

Please note: The indicated investment corresponds to each semester, or in the case of some engineering programs, to each cycle.

Doctorate Registration Value: $ 243.000

Value Registration Specializations and Masters: $ 138.000


Article of 1075 Decree 2015, Sole Regulatory of the Education Sector, establishes that:

"Higher education institutions may only advertise and offer academic programs, once they obtain a qualified registration or quality accreditation during their term. The offer and publicity of the active academic programs must be clear, truthful and correspond to the information registered in the National Higher Education Information System (Snies), and include the assigned code, and indicate that it is an educational institution superior subject to inspection and surveillance by the Ministry of National Education ".

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