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General Secretary

General Secretary

It is the purpose of our Office to carry out a joint and harmonious work in coordination with all the Faculties and Administrative Departments of the Sectional, not only verifying that the requirements of the degree candidates are met, but also in everything that involves the organization and realization of the ceremony characterized by its sobriety and elegance. This in accordance with the dates that the academic calendar has foreseen for the whole year and which are six (6) in total, in order to facilitate our graduates who have the opportunity to obtain their degree as soon as possible.

In the same way we are committed to supporting all the dependencies of the University for the elaboration and approval of agreements with different public and private entities of the Department of Boyacá, with which the opportunity is offered to our students to carry out their internships and internships; establish interpersonal relationships and project as professionals. Circumstance that has allowed our Educational Institution to be one of the best in the Region.

On the other hand we have the responsibility year after year to carry out the entire process of election of the representatives to the different Estates of the University, for whom we are committed within the legal context that the Organic Statute and the Student Regulations contemplate, in giving them the importance that they deserve and make them participants of the decisions that are taken within our Institution. Finally, the General Secretariat has an important and transcendental function, in addition to the previous ones, which is to organize, guard and attest to all the official documents of the University, which is why the certifications issued by any of its dependencies must carry the signature of who is performing in said position as such.

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